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This Sunday ARRAY will present a special one-night showing of JEWEL’S CATCH ONE in Atlanta at Windmill Arts Center. JEWEL’S CATCH ONE explores the legacy of America’s oldest Black-owned disco club, as well as the life of businesswoman and activist, Jewel Thais-Williams. Jewel provided safe spaces for LGBTQ, Black and AIDS-impacted communities in Los Angeles […]

12th Annual LGBTQ Community Survey

Dear LGBTQ Community Survey Participants: Please take part in CMI’s 12th Annual LGBTQ Community Survey. Participation in this survey gives important feedback to our LGBTQ community media and organizations, and provides valid data to companies interested in serving our community, sponsoring our charities, and supporting their LGBTQ employees. In 2017, this survey had over 41,000 participants from […]

Florida students to march on Washington in call for gun reform

© Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Students who survived a mass shooting at their Florida school on Sunday announced plans to march on Washington in a bid to “shame” lawmakers into reforming laws that make powerful firearms readily available. Source: Florida students to march on Washington in call for gun reform